David Bourland Virginia Strength and Power HoF inductee 2021

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame

David Bourland


David lived in Falls Church Virginia and started lifting in the mid 1950’s. David lifted for the Washington DC YMCA.


1st 181lb class 1959 State Championships

1st 181lb class 1959 Norfolk Open Championships

1st 181lb class 1959 East Coast Championships

6th 181l class 1960 Philadelphia Open

1st 181lb class 1960 State Championships

1st 181lb class 1961 Capitol District Weightlifting Championships

2nd 181lb class 1961 Hampton Roads Weightlifting Championships

4th 181lb class 1961 Roland Davis Memorial Weightlifting Meet

1st 181lb class 1961 Norfolk Open Weightlifting Championships

2nd 198lb class 1962 Capitol District Weightlifting Meet

3rd 181lb class 1962 Southern Invitational

2nd 181lb class 1962 State Championships

2nd 181lb class 1963Capitol District Weightlifting Meet

1st 198lb class 1963 Chesapeake Bay Invitational

1st 198lb class 1963 State Championships

1st 198lb class 1964 Chesapeake Bay Invitational


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