Roy Ridgley Jr. Virginia State Strength and Power HoF Inductee 2021

Roy Ridgley Jr.

BY Strength and Power Hall of Fame



1st 198lb Class 1960 State Championships

1st 198lb Class 1961 Capitol District Weightlifting Contest Richmond Va.

1st 198lb Class 1961 Teenage Nationals

1st 181lb Class 1961 Hampton Roads Weightlifting Championships

2nd Heavyweight 1967 State Championships

1st Heavyweight 1967 Colonial Olympic Development Meet

1st 242lb Class 1968 State Championships

1st 242lb Class 1969 Capitol District Weightlifting Contest


Roy set the following National and State Records.


  1. 2/18/1961 315lb C&J Teenage State Record 198lb Class Capitol District Meet
  2. 6/17/1961 265lb Press Teenage National Record, Teenage Nationals York Pa. 198lb Class
  3. 5/6/1961 270lb Press Teenage State Record 198lb class
  4. 10/14/1967 300lb Press State Record Heavyweight
  5. 11/11/1967 310lb Press State Record Heavyweight
  6. 10/12/1968 340lb Press, 290lb Snatch and 1000lb Total. 242lb Class
  7. 2/22/1969 355lb Press, 300lb Snatch, 380lb C&J and 1035LB Total. 242lb 



Roy was inducted into the Peninsula Sports HOF in 1961 for the shot put. He was a national level high school shot putter.

Roy may be the first Virginian to Press 300lbs. 11/11/1967 at the 1967 State Championships in Lynchburg Va. Held at the Lynchburg YMCA. *

Roy was the first Virginian to snatch 300lbs on 2/22/1969 in Richmond at the Capitol District Meet.

Roy set the Press, Snatch, C&J and Total Teenage State records in the 198lb Class in 1961. Those records were still the records in November of 1969.

Roy held the State Press, Snatch, C&J and Total records in the 242lb Class in November of 1969.

Roy was a world champion several times in arm wrestling.  As a heavyweight he defeated superheavyweight 700lb bencher Jim Williams in 1972 in less than a minute. Jim Williams was a world class powerlifter.


Roy is from Hampton Va. and has lived in the Tidewater area his entire life


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