Gary Deal Texas State Strength and Power HoF inductee 2021

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame.

A brief personal history:
at six years old stricken with polio , disease left me a partially crippled right hand two triceps heads paralyzed. cavity in rt peck. part of rt lat, part of forearm. with never ending preservation over came and was a star football player senior year, and went to college on a football scholarship.

What lead you to your sport:

my father who I had a great relationship with was a Friday night lights football fanatic, I would be attending same high school he did where he was a impact player all three years, all he talked about was watching me play at same high school. tenth grade six feet one inch wt 150, total playing time a disappointing zero junior year 170 wt playing time five or six plays, something had to change . several weeks later while watching ten pm news with my grandfather sports announcement was about a wt lifting meet sat in Omaha talked grandfather into taking me, boy did that change my life , saw how I could at last build muscle wt, talked-grand father into buying me my first set of weights, I won the up hill battle, I began making my own smoothies quart chocolate milk bananas, ice cream honey high protein powder two raw eggs twice a day, senior year wt 217 I was locked loaded ready and waiting also with an attitude I lead my team in all defensive stats, won honors and went to college on a f.b scholarships needless to say my father and grand dad were overwhelmed. to my astonishment football coaches frowned on wt training in 1958 said I would become muscle bound. 

Achievements in your sport:

1958 won teenage national championships Detroit Mich
1969 won junior nationals-long island New York
senior national 1969, 1970 second place Chicago, and culver city
1969 fourth place world championships Warsaw Poland
1971 senior national champion York, pa.
1971 pan american games champion Cali, Columbia first place
2005 world masters games-champion Edmonton Canada
2015 world master cup champion
2005, 2006, 2009, 2011 national masters champion 



2005, 2008 american masters champion
2006 awarded grand master designation

Tell us about your State, National and World records. ( Using bullet form)

1969 four junior national records 
1969 cj 446 nationals Chicago 1970 american record press at nationals 405, 413 press YMCA national's Phoenix
15 national masters records 6 national masters
1971 broke all pan am records Cali, Columbia, record, press, snatch,
clean. and jerk also total

Other accomplishments:
1970 world championships last attempt C.J. 205kg for second place to Russian Jan Talts , 
clean was very easy, but rushed the jerk a little out front, and could not hold 

Other activities within the sport:
meet director old council bluffs, Iowa YMCA 1963. 64, 65, 66 head referee seven times TX
coached Bob Ward 17 years Dallas cowboy strength coach in Olympic lifting three years coached my son Timothy who won junior national 1963, junior pan an silver medalist, won american championships

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