Kathi Sottosanti New Jersey Strength and Power Hall of Fame inductee 2021

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A brief personal history? 
I've been into fitness/exercise my whole life. From sports in high school, to aerobics, hitting the gym and weight lifting in my 20's and 30's, to working at magazines like Shape and Cooking Light, to Powerlifting in my 40's and 50's after having my family (5 kids)! As this has always been a passion of mine, I also turned it into a career by launching a Mindset Coaching/Personal Training business called Coach Kathi, where I empower others to feel their absolute best. 

What lead you to your sport?
As I say, trainers need trainers too. Mine was Barry Bostick. At the age of 49, he saw my potential for strength, and really started pushing me to heavier and heavier weights. This was the hardest thing I'd ever done, but also one of the most rewarding. Over time, as my strength grew, so did my confidence, and at 52 I competed in my first meet for the WNPF. 

Tell us about your achievements in your sport.
5 First Place Titles 
State, National and World records for all lifts in the 148 weight class age 50-54 for the WNPF.  

State, National and World records. 
148 Weight Class, 50-54 Masters
State Records: Full Meet Squat: 230 Bench: 130 Deadlift: 320
National Records: Full Meet Squat 220 Bench: 120 Deadlift: 315
World Records: Full Meet Squat: 230 Bench: 130 Deadlift: 320

Other accomplishments.
I've been asked by both the WNPF and the IPA to be the Meet Directors for events on the Northeast as I represent both the sport and the Power of Women! 

 Activities within the sport i.e. Judge, meet director, trainer, demonstrations, community actvities etc.
In 2018 and 2019, in conjunction with the WNPF, I ran all female Powerlifting meets called the Iron Beauty/WNPF Nationals. Along with being Meet Director, I also emceed these highly energetic and inspiring events, and the energy was through the roof! 

YouTube video links:
IG: @Kathisotts

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