Sean Culnan New York Strength and Power HoF inductee 2018

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2018 New York State Strength and Power HoF Inductee Sean Culnan  interviewed by Paul Leonard for Josh Strength 

Please tell the readers your age, location, and occupation. 

Age – 51
Live in West Sand Lake, NY
Owner of Culnan Insurance Agency, LLC 

How long have you been lifting weights? 

Graduated from Colonie Central High School in 1985. Joined Colonie Athletic Club in fall of 1985. Colonie Athletic Club was a great environment filled with local powerlifters and bodybuilders. I latched on to a great group of powerlifters and entered my first powerlifting meet in 1986 

How long have you been competing in strength athletics? 

33 years – My first meet was October 1986 at the ADFPA Dubois Open in Pennsylvania. I just recently competed at the 2019 USAPL Arnold Pro Deadlift Event held at the Arnold Classic in Ohio . 

What are your best lifts in Powerlifting? 

Competition Lifts
Squat – 821 lbs
Bench Press 573 lbs (equipped) – 523 lbs (raw)

Deadlift – 835 lbs 

Any best lifts in Strongman style of events or training? 

I was invited to the 2005 Atlantis Strongman Competition, which Josh Bryant won, but tore bicep training for trap bar event. No strongman ideas since then. 

Have you ever done any other type of lifting events such as strict curl, Olympic lifting, odd lift meets? 


What gyms do you currently train at?   For the rest of the article go to

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