Al Stark Virginia Strength and Power HoF inductee 2020

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Al started lifting in 1965 in Rhode Island. His coach was 1942 Senior National 132lb Champion Joe Mills. Al lifted for the Central Falls weightlifting Club. In 1970 Al was drafted and was eventually stationed at Fort Belvoir Virginia in 1970. Al has been a resident of Virginia since 1970.

3rd  181lb class 1970 Region 2 Olympic Championships

2nd 165lb class 1971 Chesapeake Bay Invitational

1st 181lb class 1971 Fort Belvoir Tri Association Weightlifting Championships

6th 165lb class 1971 Senior Nationals

5th 181lb class 1972 Senior Nationals

2nd 181lb class 1972 Chesapeake Bay Invitational

6th 181lb class 1973 Senior Nationals

1st 181lb class 1973 National Collegiate Olympic Weightlifting Championships

2nd 181lb class 1974 North American Weightlifting Championships

6th 181lb class 1974 Senior Nationals

1st 181lb class 1974 Junior Nationals

1st 181lb class 1975 Philadelphia Open

6th 181lb class 1975 Senior Nationals

1st 181lb Class 1975 Chesapeake International Meet (Best Lifter)

1st 181lb class 1976 Philadelphia Open

2nd 181lb Class 1976 Toronto Pre-Olympic Meet

7th 181lb class 1980 Senior Nationals 



DCAAU (Potomac Valley) records: 1/1/1972 Al held the following records 


    1.  165lb class:  snatch and total

    2.  181lb class:  total


Virginia State Records: In my opinion Al holds all the Virginia State records in the 181lb class with the possible exception of the press. The press record in 11/1969 was 320lbs held by Jim Bishop.


 In 1976 Al won the Philadelphia Open with a 132.5kg snatch, 177.5kg C&J and a 310kg total. On his 3rd and 4th attempts Al cleaned and jerked 182.5 and 187.5kg to arm’s length but did not hold them. The 187.5 would have been an American Record. Though I have no documentation, I believe Al Starck has held the snatch, C&J and total records in the 181lb class since at least 1972 and holds them to the present due to weight class changes 83kg, 85kg and so on. 


           Al had retired after the 1976 Olympic Trials and tried for a comeback in       



1976 Olympic Trials.  Al snatched 132.5kg and went for the win with 187.5kg in the C&J. No total.


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