Jim Kiser Virginia State Strength and Power HoF inductee 2020

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame

James was born in Baltimore, Md. and moved to Fairfax County, Va. at 18 mos. He stayed there through his freshman year in high school, where he wrestled. Jim moved to Woodbridge, Va. for three years of high school, where he competed in football and track, setting the school record in the mile run and 2-mile relay. Jim graduated and was named one of the 20 outstanding seniors in 1965. After graduating from the University of Richmond in 1969, he began teaching for Prince William County Schools for 36 years. Jim taught math worked as a guidance counselor, coached football, wrestling, boys' basketball, boys' and girls' track, and served as athletic director. Jim conducted after school lifting program and took students to the York Barbell Club in York, Pa, to watch the lifters train. Jim worked a part-time instructor at the 1st gym to open in Prince William County he also competed in the Prince William mens' basketball league for 20 years. Jim's 1st powerlifting contest was the VA. State Championships in 1976, where he placed (3rd). Jim's last contest was the WNPF NATIONAL Teenage, Sub-Masters, and Masters in Philadelphia, Pa in 2011, where he placed 1st in masters and was named the outstanding lifter of the meet at age 64. During his lifting career, he competed in close to 100 meets in different organizations, including the WNPF, AAU, APF, USPF, NASA, WPA, WPC, ADFPA, and the Commonwealth Games of Virginia. Jim competed in Va, Md, Pa, WV, Ohio, NY, Nevada, NC, Tenn. Utah, Ill, and Italy. Some of his many records include: Bench- 1992 WPA Va state 181 45-49; 1996 NASA American record 181 45-49; 2011 WNPF National record 181 60-64;  Squat: 1988 USPF Virginia state record 181 40-44; 1996 NASA Virginia state record 181 45-49; 2011 WNPF American record 181 60-64;    Deadlift: 1996 NASA American record 181 45-49  Total: 1986 USPF 165 40-45 American record ; 1996 NASA American record 181 45-49. After winning 13 gold medals in powerlifting and a bronze in track in 1994, Jim was named the 1st male Athlete of the Year for the Commonwealth Games of Virginia (their state games), where Governor George Allen presented him. Jim was entered in the national athlete of the year voting for all America State Games and finished 7th.

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